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Short Cuts 76 Pennoni lisci


Short Cuts

Pennoni lisci

a funtana

Short Cuts 76 Pennoni lisci

N°76  Short Cuts

Pennoni lisci  a funtana

The smoked provola cheese shares the same ancient history with Mozzarella, sometimes it was preferred to mozzarella and also more common because it is more solid and has a more intense smell. The cheese is smoked using wood shavings and straw, allowing the cheese to sit in the smoke for 10 minutes to achieve the flavour. In ancient times provola was called provatura, this word was in the first Italian recipe books and comes from provare (taste) because it was orginally used for sampling.



Weight:  500 g

Pasta:  durum wheat flour

Drawing:  bronze

Surface:  rough


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